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Morbid Curiosities at New Profanity

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

I wish I knew all the other artists, but of my new pieces, a giclee print of "Purrfect" is onthe bottom left..

For the month of October, New Profanity in West Hollywood is showcasing some darker art by local artists, including two of my pieces, "Purrfect" and "Bunicula". All of their products showcase really talented local artists and makers and I am excited to be among them. It's really an inspiring place to visit. Nat, the owner is so kind and passionate about her business.

In addition to being a really fun store, New Profanity also hosts open mic nights and various events. Please be sure to check them out!

This is their way cool new storefront (photo lifted from their insta @newprofanity) on Santa Monica Blvd .

Here is more art from the show. "Bunicula" is on the bottom left. It's one of my older pieces from back when I played with air-brush art. Of course the photos do not do any of the art any justice. Please come by Weho to check it all out!

Here's a close up of "Purrfect", 2021, giclee print, matted in an bronze painted wood frame.

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