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Dallas the Dolphin: An Inspiring New Children's Picture Book

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Dallas the Dolphin is a children's picture book about ambition and never letting how you were born dictate who you can be… or what you can do. Kids find C.B. Trexler's story inspiring and Liz Schmidt's illustrations adorable.

Cover concept art for Dallas the Dolphin, copyright C.B. Trexler, 2022

It is a tale about Dallas, a playful young dolphin. Because of her endless curiosity she learns to swim at an incredible pace. One day she discovers a flock of birds doing this thing called "flying" and Dallas is overcome with a new mission: to learn how to fly. Dallas dedicates her life to getting stronger, jumping higher and traveling around the world. But she always lands back in the ocean. With the support of her loving parents and a magical new friend, one special night her wish to live in the sky comes true in the most spectacular way.

Select pages, Dallas the Dolphin, by C.B. Trexler, copyright 2022

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Dallas the Dolphin is currently seeking publication. For any queries, please contact the author at:

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