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Always a Good Time with the Venice Art Crawl

On Thursday, August 18, I participated in the Venice Art Crawl. It's a fabulous event every time I have gone, and have blogged about in the past. But this time it was especially special. We crawled around the historic Venice Canals! If you have never spent time walking around here, I highly recommend it.

VAC hops around to different neighborhoods, giving everyone, both artist and art enthusiasts the chance to visit a new neighborhood of this quirky part of Los Angeles for every event. The artists are spectacular and it's always a great time.

This time I showed some work that has been a departure from most of the art posted on this site. I've been trying to figure out how to make it all work together. My abstract work uses a tight color palette, so that everything can flow together. My new work, the ballerinas and faster flash in the pan sorts of pieces, and when they work, I really love them. I have been working with colored grounds, either construction paper or layered gouache and working with black, white and metallic ink. Figurative drawing was a skill I picked up in fashion school, and I love when I can make it work. Ink is tricky that way, one to make a stroke, it cannot be undone. It was really rewarding to see how this new work was received.

In addition, I have been playing with calligraphy, more as a daily meditation. But I was happy to share the work and joy of it.

I can't wait for the new VAC! Hope to see you there!

Much Love,


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