Fire Metal Water Mandala by Los Angeles Artist Elizabeth Schmidt

The Mandala Collection

Mandala on the beach .jpg

A Story of Circles

A mandala or circle is a collection of elements that is used across many cultures and continents as a means of meditation and even finding spiritual trance.  Also, they are meant to be viewed from the outside in.

At first view, you will see that my mandalas are found bound into a rectangle, a common geometrical element found surrounding the circle. But for my collection the circles expand it's boundary, and wrap around it with shading techniques.  In fact this group is practically dimensional due to shading and texture techniques


I also used the colors of Feng Shui elements:  Water, Earth, Wood, Metal, and Fire. Water, represented by the color black is calming and fluid and yet binds them all.

My Original Pieces

Ink and Colored Pencil on Paper, Matted and Framed